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 40 Inventive Principles_All sub-principles 104 Illustrated

40 inventive principles<How to use it?>

 SONY, Casio, YU, NIT, etc. are being used one after another. How to use it?(Jpn or Eng)。

 ※ What is TRIZ(Overview & Contradiction Matrix Automatic Search)

  1. Segmentation
  2. Taking out
  3. Local Quality
  4. Asymmetry
  5. Merging
  6. Universality
  7. Nested Doll
  8. Anti-weight
  9. Preliminary anti-action
  10. Preliminary Action
  11. Beforehand cushioning
  12. Equipotentiality
  13. The Other way round
  14. Sphericity-Curvature
  15. Dynamics
  16. Partial or excessive actions
  17. Another Dimension
  18. Mechanical Vibration
  19. Periodic Action
  20. Continuity of useful action
  21. Skipping
  22. Music in diaspora
  23. Feedback
  24. Intermediary
  25. Self-Service
  26. Copying
  27. Cheap short-living Objects
  28. Mechanics substitution/Another Sense
  29. Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  30. Flexible Shells and thin films
  31. Porous Materials
  32. Worser Changes
  33. Homogeneity
  34. Discarding and recovering
  35. Parameter changes
  36. Phase transitions
  37. Thermal expansion
  38. Strong oxidants
  39. Inert atmosphere
  40. Composite Materials

<Detailed explanation of how to use 40 principles>

A.Customary scanning method

 When a problem occurs, I can't afford to panic. Considering it as a contradiction problem, abstracting the problem, and then searching the contradiction table for the principle of invention would require considerable training. I would like to recommend that you familiarize yourself with the 40 principles of invention on a daily basis. Alternatively, after confirming the true purpose or root cause, scan all possible invention principles and come up with ideas. Even if you don't understand TRIZ itself, it is a powerful hint for those who want to cling to straw.

B.Invention principle extraction method from contradiction Matrix

 Contradiction 39 × 39 characteristics (parameters) are arranged on the vertical and horizontal axes of the Matrix table. After abstracting the problem, if you select "improving characteristics" from the vertical axis and "deteriorating characteristics" from the horizontal axis, the "principle of invention" will be presented at the intersection of the two ( Automatic search for inconsistent Matrix ). We will come up with a solution using this principle of invention as a hint. For example, if you select "volume of moving object" for improving characteristics and "area of moving object" for worsening characteristics, "01 division principle", "04 asymmetry principle", "07 nesting principle", and "07 nesting principle" are selected at the intersections of the Matrix table. 17 "Principle of transition to other dimensions" can be confirmed.